Tino and Donna - Liberty Horse Training

Whatcom county’s home for liberty horse training! We combine liberty horse training, clicker training, targeting and common sense to create a new positive approach to the human-equine partnership.

Without a halter, rope or bridle, the horse can reject or sign up for each level of training depending upon his individual personality. Pushy horses learn to wait and think instead of running you over for food; fearful horses learn to stand their ground in challenging situations. Through strong but compassionate leadership, the horse will find new possibilities within himself fueled by human interaction, instead of fearing or avoiding humans.

This is a website dedicated to the way horses see the world. The horse world is not intuitive to us; in many ways; it’s like learning another language. Directing breath and energy and maintaining spacial ¬†relationships are all vital for survival in this horse world.

Businesses seeking a novel way to train management will find that equine liberty communication methods are similar to non-verbal human interactions and we can learn about our own leadership ability by studying the horse’s reaction to our cues. In this world without words, many things become transparent about us. Are we fair? As leaders, do we ask too much all at once? Do we communicate clearly and directly? Is our non-verbal energy easy or difficult to read? The horse is a mirror into what we need to improve on as well as what we are doing well. This information can be used in the business world. It’s fun! No experience with horses or animals needed.

Want to test your equine relationship? Take off your horses bridle and saddle in an arena or even an open field. Does he stay by you or run away? Does he come back to you when you call him? You may ask, “Does this ground work transfer to the saddle?” The answer is, “Yes! It’s all about relationship building!”

Tino Sitting - Liberty Horse Training
Tino relaxing on a hay bale.